Cyber Security Services

Dignus Technologies offers security testing services to help businesses stay protected against today’s cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Services

Dignus Services provides internal or external web & network penetration testing services, which identifies and quantifies security breaches in an easy-to-understand report.

Mobile App Testing Services

Our mobile application security testing or Mobile application penetration testing is an in-depth security assessment against iOS and Android apps, to help pinpoint potential security breaches, logic flaws, or vulnerabilities.

Web App Security Testing

Dignus Services provide web application security testing using OWASP testing methodology. The service identifies security vulnerabilities within web apps and provides clear remediation instructions, allowing your organization to easily solve identified security breaches.

Vulnerability Scanning Services

Our Vulnerability scanning service is to identify vulnerabilities in your systems and network. The aim is to find flawed areas that leave your organization exposed to attackers. Risks could include misconfigured firewalls, exploitable DNS configurations, unpatched software, and unencrypted login credentials. It is important to identify these issues.

Our Methodology